Teeth Whitening in Swansea

Our non-peroxide teeth whitening gel will give you pearly white, Hollywood smile you've been dreaming of.

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Megawhite is a non peroxide, 15 min laser teeth whitening system that provide immediate results for it’s clients. There is no damage to enamel and the treatment itself is pain free. Megawhite is highly affordable and lasts up to 4 months.

Whitening Gel

Megawhite has a unique patented world wide exclusive whitening gel so no other whitening product can compare. The unique ingredients combine with advanced blue light technology producing the fastest acting laser teeth whitening available.

Endorsed by Celebrities

Megawhite is favoured by celebrity’s worldwide and TV stars from The Only Way is Essex and is endorsed by Miss World finalists. It’s recommended by top dentists worldwide and is celebrity endorsed.

What is Megawhite Blue Fusion Express?

Megawhite is a non peroxide 15 minute laser teeth whitening system that provides immediate results for clients. There’s no enamel change or damage and the experience is painless. Megawhite is easily affordable for clients. The whitening gel is exclusive no other product in the world contains it’s unique ingredients. Megawhite meets all requirements and complies with legal requirements in the UK, Ireland and around the world. We strongly believe in oral health so we’ve added natural ingredients to whiten the teeth promoting good oral health. 


Now you can have whiter teeth in just 15 minutes!


Leave with a celebrity white smile in 15 mins perfect to pop in on your lunch break. Megawhite was founded in 2003 by leading Scottish Entrepreneur Bryan Christie. They are the number 1 teeth whitening provider in Scotland. Our 15 mins laser teeth whitening is recommended by dentists worldwide.


Will Megawhite work for me?

Yes old or young male or female, smoker or non smoker Megawhite will work for you. It your teeth and gums are healthy then we guarantee you will enjoy the benefits of Meg White whitening process.

How does zero peroxide work?

The main whitening ingredient in our exclusive formula is sodium bicarbonate. It goes deep into the dentin and oxidises the molecules that make teeth appear yellow and stained. The Megawhite gum shield is filled with the product and inserted into the mouth and the blue led light is directed at the mouth. Once the laser light hits the product the formula becomes active. This releases oxygen into the core of the tooth. The oxygen and product combined with the laser light turns the yellow teeth into a white colour without damaging the enamel.

What results can I expect?

Everyone is different and tooth colour varies due to genetics, dental health and mineral inbalances. The average shade improvement is 6 shades whiter some clients achieve up to 10 shades whiter. Megawhite guarantees a minimum of 4 shades whiter. Everyone gets a result.

How long before I can eat and drink?

We recommend that you avoid eating or drinking for 30 mins after the treatment. The pores on your teeth are still open so you should avoid any dark food or beverages. You should also avoid smoking for 24 hours.

How long does treatment take?

The full process takes only 15 mins. Some clients have double sessions but no more than 40 mins in a 24 hour period.

What makes Megawhite different?

Many things makes Megawhite different from other brands on the market. The main difference is the Megawhite teeth whitening gel we hold the worldwide exclusive formula so no other product can compare. Our unique ingredient mix combined with the use of blue light produces the fastest acting laser teeth whitening treatment available. It’s recommended by dentists, it’s used all over the world and it’s endorsed by celebrities.

Do celebrities use Megawhite?

Yes Megawhite is favoured by TV stars Such as Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and The Only Way is Essex. Megawhite is also endorsed by Miss World finalists. It’s recommended by dentists and is used all over the world.

Will megawhite cause pain or sensitivity?

Megawhite has a 100% pain free guarantee.