NO59 Skincare Range

We are pleased to announce our very own skincare range. This has been in the making for over 18 months now. As a skin specialist many of my clientele have come to me asking, what do I suggest for their skin? As they have tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to be working. That got me thinking, perhaps we as skin specialists could come up with an all over solution to help everyone and bring out something which is suitable for all skin types. Using natural VEGAN products we then launched our very own skin line.

Ingredients' such as essential oils, Linalool, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Kaolin Clay, Lavender and Geranium oils are included as well as many others beneficial oils to combat signs of ageing, dry & patchy skin, blemishes, sun damaged skin and many more ailments to skin problems.

Our prices are listed on our website as well as a list of ingredients for each individual product.

We hope you enjoy and get to sample our products which I'm sure you will love just as much as we do.

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